Gas Safety Certificates

All landlords must provide gas safety for their properties. Also known as a CP12 this certificate confirms that any gas using equipment is safe for use

  • Domestic Landlords – Every year or change of tenancy you must obtain a gas safety certificate.

In the U.K. it is a legal requirement to have a gas safety check carried out by a competent and registered gas engineer. All of our gas engineers are registered with Gas Safe. Formerly known as CORGI, using a Gas Safe registered engineer will assure that your property is checked properly and professionally by us.

Do I need a gas safety certificate / CP12 ?

Do you have a gas job or gas oven? If so the you will need to have an up to date certificate proving that the gas supplying those items is installed properly and safe to use. If you do not have a gas powered job or oven but did previously then you will still need to have a certificate to verify that the old supply has been capped off and isolated correctly.

Boiler Servicing and Installation

Annual boiler servicing is a vital part of boiler and heating system maintenance. It’s more than just a safety check – a HomeCert boiler service will check the quality and efficiency of your appliance to ensure it’s operating at its best, as well as making sure any seals, gaskets or the heat exchanger are not showing any signs of damage or a deterioration. Our HomCert engineer will also check that other parts of your heating system – such as your flue – is operating correctly and safely. You should also remember that it is a condition of the boiler warranty, so you will need to make sure your boiler is serviced annually to make sure warranty is valid. Our gas services engineers are be able to ensure your boiler is problem free and running as it should, give us a call to find out more.

When do I need a boiler service?

Usually a boiler should be serviced annually to ensure premium performance and longevity.

  • Reduce gas bills
  • save money on boiler repairs
  • Ensure your insurance is valid
  • Ensure your boiler is safe

System Flush

Cleaning a central heating system is vital to its effiency and power flushing the system is the proper way to achieve this. The process is thourough and a significant increas in heat delivery will be noticed immediately. If the water in the heating system is not replenished after a few years, fully drained, and had a cleaner sent through the system then refilled with new water, then this same water reused again and again will become gunky and sludgy with deposits. The benefits of a clean heating system are:

  • More even heat distribution throughout the property
  • Improved overall energy savings resulting in lower bills
  • Less strain on the boiler and extended boiler life
  • Increased system reliability

Bleeding your radiators will also be included in a system flush. Bleeding a radiator lets out excess air which made have built up in the system, this air can resist the flow of the central heating water which in turn decreases the efficiency of your central heating system. We use the best products to get a full deep clean of the pipes to remove any sediment present, we will also include n inhibitor fluid into the system to prevent future bui;d up. Depending on the size of your system this process should take around a few hows to around half a day, afer which HomeCert will have your heating back up and running at its best!

Contact us to find out more and book in a system flush for your central heating system.

Do I need a system flush?

Radiators not fully heating or bottoms of them are cold? Hot water is unrelaible and not quite as hot as it used to be? These are a few sympots that mean you may need to power flush your system. If the system has been topped up with a good inhibitor fluid yearly and looked after, most systems only need powerflushing every 3-4 years. You should also take the opportunity to have a system power flush in the following instances too –

  • Boiler installation
  • Changing, moving or adding a radiator
  • Once every 3-4 years



Regular portable appliance testing (PAT) supports health & safety.
The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires that electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe working order.

For an appliance to be deemed portable you don’t have to be able to lift it and move it elsewhere, a portable appliance is any appliance that is portable from the mains electricity supply by unplugging it. It does not matter which type of plug it is as long as the appliance doesn’t need an electrician to unwire it. Examples of appliances include hair-driers, computers, fridges, washing machines, etc.

When do I need a PAT test?
  • Domestic Home Owners – Every year or change of ownership
  • Domestic Landlords – Every year or change of tenenats
  • Commercial – Every 5 years
  • Public Houses and Bars – Annually
  • Industrial – Every 3 years


If you are buying or living in a property which is more than 15 years old, it is important to check that the wiring is up to date. Bad electrics can be a serious fire hazard and can lead to injury or electrocution. This is why electrics were brought into the building regulations under Part P on the 1st January 2005. Prior existing wiring installations are not covered, however, if you make significant alterations or new additions to the wiring in your home, the regulations come into force. We certificate all our work and we are fully insured, all of our electricians are competent and experienced in electrical installation, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that HomeCert will take care of your electrics. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

When do I need a PAT test?
  • Domestic Home Owners – Every year or change of ownership
  • Domestic Landlords – Every year or change of tenenats
  • Commercial – Every 5 years
  • Public Houses and Bars – Annually
  • Industrial – Every 3 years

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